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labsoft is the ultimate and unique Pathology Reporting Software for creating smart and accurate reports of pathology, X-ray, Ultrasound and ECG along with Patient Registration System, Lab Accounting and SMS Alerts. Some of the important features of this pathology Reporting Software are :Patient Registration System, Bulk SMS Interface, Pay Slip Printing, Sample Label Printing, Dues List, Daily Collection Report, Minimized Typing Mistakes, Test with Graph Printing, Medical Image Storing, Export Pathology Report in PDF/ Excel and Printing Pathology Report on Pre Printed Stationery etc.

Built-in Test Library
   It has a built-in library of more than 500 tests including advance tests like - Torch, Thyroid, Elisa for Kocks, PSA, CA125 etc.
Payslip Printing
   Stores all personal, family & academic data of student, teacher & principal of the school along with their photographs and contact numbers so that most current informations are available in school database.
Patient Registration System
   This is an important feature of this pathology reporting software, it is used to quickly register the basic details of the patient with unique Patient Id for further references.
Print Test with graph
   This pathology reporting software has a unique feature of printing graph for special tests eg. GTT Test.
Image Capturing
   This is an advance feature of this pathology reporting software which allows to capture Image from the Microscope and easily prints the image on report.
Customize Reports
   User can create new Report Formats by changing font, size and color of the report parameters. Thus it helps the user to create his own reporting format.
Re-Arrange Test
   The test can be re-arranged in Print Order if required.
Add/Edit Doctors
   Setup Menu of the software helps user to add and edit the name of Doctors which are not available in the doctor list.
Report Mail Facility
   This as an advance feature of labsoft where Reports can be mailed to the patients and exported in PDF format.
Add new Test
   User can create and add new tests with units and reference ranges and when require.
Test Check List
   Before delivering the report to the patient Test List can be checked for correctness.